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When Mitama'd, a demon will gain new features from it. Whether these features override old ones, or become entirely new ones depends on the demon. This is a compilation of all known Mitama demon features.

Feature Name Description Demons
29 Symbol Curative MP cost -50%, Curative stack +1, Summoner HP +100 Apis
Acrobatics Rush/Spin damage +25%, Rush/Spin cooldown -50% Cait SithNekomata
Adversary Counter damage + 400%
Close-range damage + 20%
Cool-down time - 50%
All or Nothing While using Blunt-affinity skills, +10% Final critical correction
While using Suicide-affinity skills, Suicide damage + 100%
Apparition Boost Support/Mind/Nerve Cooldown -50%, Support stack +1 Shadow
Archduke of Sloth Ice/Magic damage +50%, Ailment +20% Astaroth
Asterisk Summoner Mag/Vit/Int +25 Decarabia
Avarice Melee Lv*0.3, Absorb All Physical Lv*0.5% Tao TieGakiPisacaYomotsu-Shikome
Bad News Slash/Charge/Blunt damage +30%, Slash/Charge/Blunt cooldown -25%, OgreOniYaksaYaksni
Banas Pati Status Ailment Resistance +50%, Expel +50% Barong
Baptized One Null all Magic at (Level * 0.5)%
Expel damage + 100%
Rapid damage + 30%
Ose HallelFlauros Hallel
Beard of Longevity Incant -50%, Cooldown -50%, Clench 30% Xuan Wu
Beauty of the Finest Fire/Curative +50%, Fire/Curative cooldown -25% Parvati
Binding Pursuit Force +50%, Nerve cooldown -50%, Ailments +25% Kumbhanda
Bitter Black +40% damage to men
+15% ailment landing rate
Chance of inflicting the Depression and Charm ailments on knockback
Bitter Black Moh ShuvuuBitter Black TitaniaBitter Black Tzitzimitl
Black Storm Illusion (Mitama) -100% HP cost for spin skills, +50% Electric, +50% Force, Absorb Force Lv*1% Black Storm Illusion Seth
Black Transformation MP cost -30%, Cooldown -40% Kudlak
Blood Vessel of Midnight Death +30%, Mind +50%, Mind incantation -25%, Mind cooldown -25% Lilith
Brave Red Capote Fire + 50%, Charge + 25%, Crt +100, When MP is less than 50%, +20% Close-range damage Brave Red Capote Matador
Breath of the Snow Mountain +30% Ice, +30% Death, +20% Ailment rate Yuki Jyorou
Carry Hand of God -100% HP cost for Rush skills, +75% Rush damage Gryphon
Chanting Duke Summoner's Intelligence + 30
HP cost of all skills for Summoner -30%
Mind/Nerve damage + 50%
Charisma of the Flag Summoner Str/Vit/Int +25 Eligor
Child-Eating Widow Status-Changing Skills Success Rate +20% , Death +50% Rangda
Child of Light Expel +100%, Expel stack +1, Crt +100 Cu Chulainn
Circle Walker Rush/Curative +50%, Curative/Support cooldown -30% Kirin
Clear Mind A demon that has reached the height of mastery.
Close-range, Long-range, and Spell damage +30%
Incantation time -50%
YoshitsuneHassou Tobi Yoshitsune
Clerk of Heaven Force/Expel +25%, Support stack +1 Metatron
Confidant Experience + 300%
Player's LB Power + 40%, Demon's LB Power - 80%
Player's Critical + 80, Demon's Critical -80
Confidant MatadorConfidant Yoshitsune
Courageous Heart Crt + Lv*1, Crt Def + Lv*1 Bai HuJatayu
Courtesan Mind + 100%, Nerve +100%, Charm +90% SenriLamia
Cup of Change Fire/Ice/Electric affinity cap + 50% Baal
Dark Cold Robe Ice +30%, Death +30% Chernobog
Dark Hero A demon who continues to embrace the conflict between mercy and revenge.
Attack/Counter damage +100%, 20% Clench chance.
Frost Ace
Death's Invitation Muddle +30%, Charm +30%, Instant Death +30%, Death stack +1 AliceThe innocent who became an insane girl Alice
Dedication (Mitama) To summoner, +300% experience gained, +100% curative, +20 physical and magical defense Dedication Vivian
Deep Profundity Incantation -30%, Summoner Int +30, Party Ailments resist +20 Bai Ze
Demon Spirit Meld Magic/Mind/Nerve +50%, Magic/Mind/Nerve cooldown -50% Gorgon
Desert Crown Force/Death +30%, Ailments +30% Basilisk
Destroyer of Walls +50 Critical, +50% Slash, +50% Blunt Ares
Distant Reason HP/MP cost -100% Vishnu
Divided Spirit It is told of in an epic, of the spirits who make up the world.

When these demons are in the party, the following affinities are raised:
+50% Fire resistance: Urizen
+50% Ice resistance: Tharmas
+50% Electric resistance: Urthona
+50% Force resistance: Luvah

Dragon King Spin +30%, Ice +50%, Ice cooldown -30% Raja NagaAnantaVasuki
Dream Stealer Cooldown- 50%, Absorb All Magic Lv*0.3% Queen MabLeanan Sidhe
Dust Whirl Force stack +1 AnzuHarpyMothmanKarasu-TenguKoppa-Tengu
Earth Pulse Guide Absorb Fire/Ice/Electric/Force Lv*1% Bucca-BooDwarfHua PoKnockerKodamaTan-Ki
Eight Capital Methods Hassou Tobi's skill power +50%, -50% HP cost, Null Slash Lv*1% Hassou Tobi Yoshitsune
Eight Mind All Magic + Lv *0.5% Omoikane
Endless Eloquence All Magic incantation -75%, All Magic cooldown -15% Forneus
Envoy's Duty Summoner Str, Mag, Spd +25 AngelArchangelPrincipality
Envoy's Guidance HP/MP cost -30%, Summoner Pde/Agm +25 DominionPowerVirtue
Ether Flutter Fire/Force +15%, Fire/Force cooldown -50% OnmorakiZhu QueFeng Huang
Executioner Slash +50%, HP cost -30% Turdak
Explosive Fire Fire +50%, Fire cooldown -50% EfreetPhoenixFenrirMotMolochSurtHino-Kagutsuchi
Exultant Revelry Final Critical Correction + 20%
Instant Death success rate + 25%
Fast Strong Arm Blunt +100%, Crt +100 HecatonchiresTajikaraoFomorianNozuchiFafnir
Feather Wig Incantation -50%, Support stack +1 Freya
Feigned Laughter Death stack +1 Chatterskull
Final Whistle Illusion (Mitama) -50% incantation time, -50% cool-down time, -100% MP cost for all skills Final Whistle Illusion Trumpeter
Fire Banquet Plover Fire +60%, Force/Mind/Nerve cooldown -30% DionysusMada
Fire of God Slash/Fire/Expel +25% Uriel
Five Gorgeous Soldiers HP Cost of all Skills is 0%
Damage of all Slash, Charge, and Blunt based skills +25%
Chi You
Five Masks Ten Elbows Melee + Lv*0.3%, HP/MP cost -50% OnkotHanuman
Flood Ice stack +1 KelpieMizuchi
Folly's Reason Null interrupt Ameno-Uzume
Friendship of Kagura Spin +30%, Spin cooldown -50% IsoraAzumi
Giant of Creation HP cost -100%, Null Fire/Ice/Force Lv*1% Ubelluris
Giant with the Flaming Sword Slash/Fire +30% Surt
Goat of Atonement Ailment landing rate +20%, Party Lck +10 Azazel
God of Sun Curative +100%, Fire/Electric +50% Amaterasu (M)
Goddess of Sun All Magic +50%, Fire/Electric +50% Amaterasu (F)
Goddess of Darkness Instant Death +15%, Incantation -30% Hecate
Gohei Shell Expel/Death +30%, Repel Charge Lv*1% Shiki-Ouji
Golden Wing Rush/Shot +30%, Rush/Shot cooldown -30% GarudaGurrSuparnaGodly Golden Winged Bird Garuda
Great God of the Mountain Summoner's HP/MP regeneration + 50
Summoner's Curative received + 100%
Macca/Magnetite earned + 50%.
Great Talent Curative +30%, Curative MP cost -75%, Cooldown -30% AelloCelaenoOcypeteLeader PixieEligor
Guardian of the Kings +30% Fire, +30% Electric, To Summoner, +30 Intelligence Sphinx
Head of the Heavenly Host MP cost -100%, Clench 10% Michael
Healer of God Force/Expel/Curative +25% Rafael
Heat of Demon Emperor Blunt/Fire/Electric/Force +20% Pazuzu
Heavenly Freeze Ice +50%, Ice cooldown -50% ApsarasHresvelgrBlack FrostBeiji WengKikuri-HimeQing-Long
Hell Bike Fire +30%, Force +30%, Vs. Reaper defense +30% Hell Biker
Henjou-Kongou Expel +30%, Death +30%, Mind +30%, MP cost -50% Daisoujou
Hero (Mitama) Critical + 100
Limit Break Power + 40%
HP/MP cost of all skills + 100%
Rush damage + 30%
Rush Stack + 1
Hero Frost Ace
High Spirited Imitation +50% Fire and Charge damage Void
High Tengu Cooldown -80% Kurama-Tengu
Honest One Ailment +10%, Absorb All Physical Lv*0.3% Mithra
Horse-Headed Maiden Demons Magic +50%, Null Muddle/Poison Kinnari
Hurricane of Envy Force/Electric damage +50%, HP Cost for Spin skills -100%, Spin damage +30% Seth
Illusion of Worldly Desires HP cost -100%, Mystic damage +30% Illusion of Worldly Desires Mara
Illusion of Death Flies (Mitama) +50% Electric, +100% Death, -100% MP cost for all skills Illusion of Death Flies Beelzebub (Fly)
Immortal Star All Physical Incantation -50%, Null All Physical Lv*0.5% Taraka
Inexperienced (Mitama) XP +60% Inexperienced
Inexperienced God (Mitama) XP +60%. Inexperienced UrielInexperienced RaphaelInexperienced MithraInexperienced ThothInexperienced SatiInexperienced Take-MikazuchiInexperienced OkuninushiInexperienced ArtemisInexperienced ParvatiInexperienced KaliInexperienced SurtInexperienced Loki
Immovable Kuroichi Coodown -50%, Curative +50%, Lv *1% Null all Magic Alilat
Intelligent Snake (Mitama) XP +60% Blizzard Jack FrostInferno Pyro JackStormy Pixie
Jeweled Eye -100% HP and MP cost for Fire based skills
-100% HP and MP cost for Electricity based skills
Keen Protector Melee +20%, HP/MP cost -30% Pallas Athena
Keeper Null All Magic Lv*1% CerberusGarmOrthrusPa Bil Sag
King of Dance HP/MP cost -100% Shiva
Knight Bond Null all Magic at (Level * 0.5)%, HP/MP cost -30% Tam Lin
Kuyo (Mitama) Close-range/Long-range/Spell damage + 30%
Fire damage + 50%
Electric damage + 20%
When using Fire-affinity skills:
+20% Technical Attack Power
-100% HP/MP cost
Amaterasu of KuyoBishamonten of Kuyo
Lady of the Black Summoner's Limit Break damage cap +2000, Summoner's Fire/Ice/Electric damage +30% Black Maria
Linga Samadhi If Shiva is in Party: LB Chance +10% Parvati
Lithe (Mitama) Cooldown -50%, Movement speed +20% (returned to normal during combat) All Nimble demons
Lucky (Mitama) Summoner Lck +30, Macca/Magnetite +30% Lucky AngelLucky DisLucky Hua PoLucky Moh ShuvuuLucky NekomataLucky PixieLucky TitaniaLucky ValkyrieLucky VouivreLucky Datsue-BaLucky Leanan SidheLucky Fortuna
Machine Dragon Magic Defense + (Level * 0.3)
Cool-down time - 50%
While HP is 2 or higher, +15% chance to survive lethal damage
Magic Lantern Fire +30%, Fire stack +1 Pyro Jack
Magic Thread of Life Magic +50%, Magic incantation -50%, Magic MP cost -50% NornOdinAtroposClothoKudlakLachesisBai Suzhen
Magnificence Crt +150 GaneshaPurskiMishaguji-SamaCatoblepasAndrasCockatrice
Maiden of the Lake Ice +50%, Support + Lvl x 0.5% Vivian
Malice Cluster Death +30%, Death incantation -30%, Death cooldown -30% Datsue-BaGhoulKinguNidhoggrPhantomSpecter
Marshall King of Wisdom -80% HP cost for all skills, +20% Close-range damage Atavaka
Messenger of God Electric/Expel +30% Gabriel
Might of Curse -50% cooldown, +20% ailments Arachne
Miracle Jam Absorb All Physical Lv*1% Black Ooze
Moment of Brilliance When using Fire-affinity skills,
Fire damage + 50%
Final critical correction + 10%
Fire affinity cap + 50%
Monoceros Charge +30%, Charge stack +1, Crt +50 KaichiUnicorn
Mosaic Melee + Lv * 0.3%, Null All Magic Lv * 0.3% Chimera
Muleta Slash/Charge +30%, Slash/Charge incantation -50%, Crt +50 MatadorBrave Red Capote Matador
Musical Festival (Mitama) Party Member's Vit/Int/Luck + 20. Demon's movement speed + 20% (returned to normal during combat). Musical Festival High Pixie
Musical Talent Nerve +50%, Incantation -30% KinnariSarasvatiGandharvaNandiDavidTrumpeter
Mysterious Speed Charge incantation -30%, Charge cooldown -30%, Charge HP cost -100% Sleipnir
New Emperor HP cost for all skills is 0%
Cooldown time for all skills is reduced 50%
Limit Break Chance + 10%
Limit Break Power + 60%
Summoner's Close-range/Long-range/Spell damage + 20%.
Night of the rising moon At night: Magic damage and Limit Break power + 30%
During the Full Moon: Magic damage and Limit Break power + 100%
Nightmare of Imitation Mind damage +50%, 100% Resistance to Charm and Sleep Crisis
Nobility All Magic + Lv *0.3%, Cooldown -50% SatiHigh PixieOberonTitaniaParvati
One Who Overcame (Mitama) Close-range, Long-range, Spell damage +30%, Technical Attack Power +10%, -30% Cool-down time for all skills Overcoming Yamata-no-OrochiOvercoming MadaOvercoming Beelzebub (Human)
Opportunistic HP cost -20%, Summoner Vit/Int/Spd +25 Flauros
Origin of White Snake Lady Clench +10%, Intelligence + (Level * 0.5), Cooldown - 30% Bai Suzhen
Perfect Composure Summoner Vit, Int, Lck +25 AerosAquansErthysFlamies
Phantasmagoria Slash/Rush +30%, Rush HP cost -100% Hayagriva
Presence of the Devil's Lamp Fire +30%, HP cost -50%, Cooldown -30% Sarutahiko
Prodigy Almighty +25% Tokisada
Proud Black Critical +100
Fire-based skills + 50%
Blunt-based skills + 25%
When MP is less than 50%, +20% Long-range damage
Blasted Road Hell Biker
Purification Eye Null Nerve, Mind Lv*1% Shiisa
Purification Torrent Ice/Expel +50%, Ice/Expel cooldown -50% Ganga
Queen of Silver Ice Slash/Rush +30%, Rush HP cost - 100% Morrigan
Raging Billows Fire/Ice +30% Yamatano-Orochi
Rainbow Caller Mind +50%, Ailments +30%, Mind cooldown -50% LoaYurlungur
Red and Black Dance Instant Death +10%, Slash cooldown -30%, Slash incantation -30%, Crt +100 DakiniKali
Red Flame Charge/Fire +30% Berith
Reverse Pentagram Magic +30%, Magic MP cost -30% BaphometRuler of the Witches' Sabbath Baphomet
Rich and Bountiful Rome Macca/Magnetite earned + 20%.
MP cost for all skills -75%
Ringing Gold Blunt/Electric +30% Kinki
Ringing Void Rush +30%, Incantation -70% Ongyo-Ki
Ringing Water Blunt/Ice +30% Suiki
Ringing Wind Blunt/Force +30% Fuki
Rising Thunder Electric +50%, Electric cooldown -50% ThorLilimTao WuBeelzebub (Fly)Beelzebub (Human)CoatlicueOnamuchiProud Lord Beelzebub (Fly)
Roar of the Clouds All Magic +25%, Electric +50% Indrajit
Ruler of Delusion Ailment +20%, Int +30 Ose
Sakra Melee +25%, Electric +50% Indra
Savior of the Witches -100% MP cost
Mystic damage + 75%
Scarlet Illusion (Mitama) Incantation time -70%, HP cost -100%, All Status-Changing Skills Success Rate +30% Scarlet Illusion Mother Harlot
Seven Hills of Rome Cool down time -40%, MP Cost -100%, All Status-Changing Skills Success Rate +30% Mother Harlot
Severe Winter Ice +30%, Ice Stack +1 Jack FrostRainbow of Victory Jack Frost
Shadow Technique Attack +100%, Crt +100 CamazotzRakshasaBlack FrostSetantaYomotsu-Ikusa
Shady Eyes Cooldown -30%, MP cost -30%, Null Charm, Null Stone Arahabaki
Shapeless God Nerve/Mind +25%, Ailment +10%, MP cost -100% Nyarlathotep
Shapeshifter Melee/All Magic +10%, Crt +30 LokiBreaker of Order Loki
Shining Star -50% Incantation Time, -50% Cooldown Time, +100% Curative Ishtar
Silver Bow Long Range/Peneterate/Expel +75%, Instant Death +10% Artemis
Silver Hooves HP/MP cost-30%, Summoner Mag/Spd +25 Orobas
Six Pairs of Eye Charge/Long Range/Penetrate +60% Kartikeya
Sixth Heaven Magic +50%, MP Cost -100% MaraMara (Amorphous)
Sky Hunter When HP is less than 30% Fire/Ice +100% , Crt +100 Typhon
Solar Hand Fire/Curative +30% Hathor
Soul Biter When HP is less than 30% Pde/Agm +30, Clench 30% ChoronzonMou-RyouPoltergeistWill O'Wisp
Spike Melee +Lv*0.3, Repel All Physical Lv*0.5%, Crt +75 GyukiTarasque
Star God Mind/Nerve incantation -50%, Mind/Nerve cooldown -50% Kaiwan
Stone Monkey HP/MP cost -75% ThothWu Kong
Stone of Obstruction Mind/Nerve +100%, Petrify +90% Mishaguji-Sama
Strong Arm Flash Slash/Blunt +50%, Slash/Blunt incantation -30% GirimehkalaJikokutenKoumokutenZouchouten
Strongest Northern Gate Melee/Fire +25% Bishamonten
Super Jam Null All Physical Lv*1% Slime
Surging Sea Myriad Thunder Charge/Ice/Electric +25% Susano-o
Sweet White Curative skills are 100% more effective
Curative affinity cap + 50%
Null Paralyze/Bind/Charm/Sleep ailments
Sweet White LakshmiSweet White Jeanne D'ArcSweet White Parvati
The Left Eye of the Moon +50% Force damage
+50% Rapid damage
The Love of God -100% MP cost for Fire-based skills, +75% Fire damage
-50% Cooldown time for Expel-based skills, +50% Expel damage
The One that Fills the Universe Mind/Nerve damage + 50%
Maximum HP + 30%
HP Cost for all skills - 40%
The One Who Reigns over Gluttony +100% Death damage Beelzebub (Fly)Beelzebub (Human)Conquering Beelzebub (Human)Proud Lord Beelzebub (Fly)Manifestation of Lord Beelzebub
The Princeps of the 365 Spheres Summoner's Maximum HP + 300
Summoner's Close-range/Long-range/Magic damage received - 20%
Summoner's Support damage + 5%
The Right Eye of the Sun +50% Spell damage
+50% Shot damage
Three Crows Fire/Force +30%, Fire/Force cooldown -30% Yata-Garasu
Throne of Fire Circle Spin/Fire +25% Throne
Thunder Electric stack +1 NueRaiju
Thundering Attack Attack +50%, Rush incantation -50%, Spin cooldown -50%, Crt +50 CyclopsTitanOkuninushi
Torrent of Imitation Cooldown -70%, Mystic damage +50% Nightmare
Traveler of the Road of Pride -30% hp cost, -50% mp cost, +20% Rush Asura Cerberus
Treachery Nerve stack +1 BicornEmpusa
Trembling Sunlight MP cost -100%, Party HP/MP regen +10 Lakshmi
True Form Repel All Physical Lv*1% InugamiShikigami
Tunnel Drive Mind stack +1 AlpCu SithIncubusSuccubusYakkha
Turbulent Wind Force +50%, Force cooldown -50% JinnKresnikQuetzalcoatl
Underworld Sender Nerve +50%, Nerve cooldown -50%, Nerve MP cost -50% Vetala
Unlucky Offspring Spin +30%, Ailments +30%, Crt +50 Black RiderPale RiderRed RiderWhite RiderAcheriVritraEdimmu
Veil of Truth Absorb Almighty Lv*1% Isis
Violent Flash Blunt/Electric +30% Thor
Wandering Death When HP is less than 50% Crt +200 , When HP is less than 30% Crt +50, When HP is less than 30% All Magic +100% Legion
War Goddess HP/MP cost -30%, Cooldown -30% Badb CathaMachaScathachValkyrie
Wargod's Power Slash/Fire/Force/Electric +25% Take-MinakataTake-Mikazuchi
Warrior's Honor Attack/Rush +30%, Suicide + 100%, Rush incantation -30% NarasimhaMomunofu
Weather Incantation -30%, Cooldown -30% ElfGuedeKissy PixieNagaPixie
Wheels of Fate Demon's Luck increases by 5 for each party member
Party members' luck increases by 10
Spin Damage +30%
White Majesty A symbol of hope and glory.

+25% Close-range damage
-50% HP Cost
Summoner's HP/MP Cost -30%

White Transformation HP cost -30%, Cooldown -40% Kresnik
Wind of Revenge Counter + 100%, Rapid cooldown -50% Furiae
Wing of Five Poison Null Poison, Ailments +90% Zhen
Wing of Malice Magic +50%, All Ailment +20%, Support +Lvl*1 Samael
Winter Hunter LongRange/Penetrate/Ice +30%, Crit +30 SkadiHuntress Skadi
Winter Shogun Rush +30%, Spin +30%, Ice +50% TrollKing Frost
Wonder Jam Repel All Physical Lv*1% Blob
Woodland Arrowhead Long-range/Spread damage + 100%
Penetrate damage + 20%
Wrathful Roar Rush/Spin +50% Makami
Yamato Nadeshiko Ice/Electric/Curative +30%, Ice/Electric/Curative cooldown -30% Kushinada-Hime
Zealous Horsemen Incantation -30%, Cooldown -30%, Fire MP cost -100% Dawon
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